Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The Hon. James David Manning, PhD called Oprah Winfrey, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Barack Hussein Obama the "Trinity of Hell", and has made national attention with his disdain and over-the-top comments about the Holy Trio.

TransWorldNews reports
May 14, 2008:

Manning, the pastor of ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem, New York, said in his sermon that Winfrey's success is based primarily due to "open-minded and middle-America white women" and she has turned her back on them by supporting Obama.

"When this struggling actor and radio talk show host had the opportunity to show her love and thanks to all of white America and white women in particular for their love and support of her and supporting a rising presidential candidate in the name of Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama, Oprah Winfrey chose to support one of the boys from the 'hood and one of the boys from the Trinity United Church, disavowing and showing her contempt for the white women who made her the great woman that she is today"

Manning has made national attention with his disdain and over-the-top comments about Obama, something he continued during the sermon at ATLAH on Saturday. Manning called Obama a "long-legged pimp".

"He spent nearly all of that money with white agencies, white hotels, white businesses, white newspapers, and very little, if any, was spent with black television or black radio," said Manning.
"Barack Hussein Obama played and pimped Warren Ballantine, Michael Baisden, Russ Parr, Roland Martin, and Tavis Smiley, just to name a few," continued Manning. "They gave it up for free. He pimped nearly all of the black media, gave them no money, but they gave it up for free."
"Now, this trinity of hell: the Father, the Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright; the Son, the Senator Barack Hussein Obama; and the whore girl, Oprah Winfrey," added Manning. "These three, now, they are looking to be the president, the vice president, and the secretary of state. This is the report on the trinity of hell, and I am Pastor James David Manning."

Like Wright, Manning is a divisive African-American pastor who has supported a presidential candidate. Manning is an avid Hillary Clinton supporter. However, unlike Wright, Manning has not been placed in the media day after day.