Friday, January 22, 2010


We have all heard about the corruption of politics, but not with the force this administration has wielded. We not only heard about it, but witnessed it in a front row seat. The Democrats always overreach, but this time it was in your face, to use one of Obama's favorite idioms. A classic example of things to come was the scene outside a Philadelphia polling place with Black Panther thugs wielding nightsticks intimidating white voters [charges mysteriously dismissed], but most people didn't want to face that little tidbit.

After being dismissed as unruly children, we have seen the likes of Pelosi, Reid and Obama ignore the cries of the American people, shutting them out to make the decisions they want to make while blaming their opponents for it not working and blaming the private sector. Talk is about all they do best, because the actions do not support the rhetoric. This is why you have to focus on their actions, not the words.

Although Obama may have lost his lockhold, he still has a lot of power, enough to do great damage to this country in the next three years. He has his Article 2 powers, and that in itself is enough to scare the living daylights out of every freesom loving citizen.

An excellent piece about this treachery by Phil Elmore in World Net Daily:

Technocracy: The Democrats' Technological Thuggery
by Phil Elmore, January 21, 2010

Force is technology.

It is crude technology, but it is technology nonetheless. Technology is the application of a tool or tools to human effort. This produces a result greater than can be accomplished without the tools used. In the case of naked force, technology could be a clenched fist wielded with intent – or it could be the truncheon in the white knuckles of a Black Panther who is bullying elderly voters.

The technology of force can also be thieving, manipulation and intimidation of any democratic or bureaucratic process, in this case as nationally exhibited by the Democratic Party. Force, as misused by the Democrats, is the application of violence, abuse of process, libel, slander, propaganda, theft and a variety of other criminal behaviors to gain and keep, through any means necessary, the power to rule, arrogantly and presumptuously, every miniscule facet of your waking life.

Democrats engage in this reprehensible, morally bankrupt, hypocritical behavior even as they breathlessly exclaim that their political opponents mean them harm. The example that springs most readily to mind is the bug-eyed, botox-paralyzed, Medusan visage of Nancy Pelosi as she feigned crocodile tears at the thought of those awful, mean "tea party" people waving imaginary Nazi symbols and somehow implying violence because they dared to oppose the socialization of American health care.

Meanwhile, as hand-wringing Democrats engaged in these histrionics, their union thugs were beating protesters in an effort to silence them. A supporter of socialized medicine bullied, assaulted and then bit off the finger of an older man who dared to oppose Obamacare. Supporters of amnesty for illegal aliens attacked Americans opposed to the invasion of their nation. Conservative protesters were pepper-sprayed and beaten by homosexual activists.

Republican protesters risk their well-being whenever they dare to stand up for their political beliefs – and the left-leaning popular media turn a deliberately blind eye to their Democrat fellow travelers' crimes. While all this was going on, Democrats and the media were falling over themselves laughing to redefine "tea party" protesters as "teabaggers," a sexually vulgar term that left-wingers across the mainstream media are now free to use with impunity. Winking and nudging your co-anchors while uttering the word is optional, incidentally.

Take Steven Benen, for example. Benen's a typical liberal whose first reaction to the news of Kenneth Gladney's beating by SEIU thugs was to sneer that, well, if the guy could still walk around afterward, it couldn't have been a very big deal. Why, conservatives must have been busily manufacturing a cause celebre ... and why doesn't Gladney have health insurance? Benen was, in fact, much more concerned with who was paying Gladney's hospital bill than he was with the assault on a black conservative.

That black man – whom Benen apparently thought probably deserved a good roughing up – was one of the many people MSNBC's execrable Contessa Brewer condemned as "racist" for daring to oppose Obama's socialist agenda. Considering the topography of left-wing political beliefs, the reasonable man finds a disturbingly large number of Democrats who are entirely comfortable with the thought of roughing up their political opponents. Failed Democratic Senate candidate Martha Coakley certainly had no problem with one of her aides knocking down a reporter for the Weekly Standard. Who do those conservative journalists think they are, after all?

When they're not libeling or beating their opponents, Democrats are busily changing the rules to their benefit in the middle of the political process. Never was this more obvious than in the battle over the Senate seat vacated by the late Ted Kennedy. Democrats in Massachusetts changed the law half a decade ago to stop then-Gov. Mitt Romney from appointing a Republican Senator to fill the seat that would have been vacated by John Kerry (had he become president). The Democrats then changed the process back so a Democratic governor could appoint a Democrat to fill Kennedy's seat after "the Lion of the Senate" died of cancer. When the people finally got to vote on that seat and put a Republican in office, it threatened the 60-vote majority needed to prevent a Republican filibuster in the Democrat-ruled Senate.

The Democrat response? The lisping, bloated self-parody that is Barney Frank sputtered and stammered and spat his way through a statement in which he hinted that the Democrats might do away with the filibuster to prevent this challenge to their imperial reign. This shouldn't surprise us at all; it wasn't too long ago that MSNBC host Ed Schultz said he was perfectly OK with vote fraud to keep those "bastard" Republicans out of office.

In the vote-fraud department, illegitimate officeholders like Al Franken are way ahead of Schultz. Franken stole his Minnesota Senate seat from Norm Coleman by (as tried and true for Democrats) changing the rules in the middle of the process – manipulating the recount of a close election to usurp that election's rightful winner. We can thank the precedent set by Democrat Al Gore in his attempts to commit similar theft of a presidential election.

The damning evidence is clear: Democrats are violent, corrupt, arrogant and self-righteous. A Democrat believes that his cradle-to-grave ideology makes him special. Whatever a Democrat does is justified in his mind as what is best for the masses, regardless of whether the proles know what is good for them.

The Democrats will continue to lie, to cheat, to steal and to trample the Constitution of the United States. They will be removed from power only through the most vicious of battles, and they will have to be dragged, kicking and clawing and screaming, from the table of government. The technology of their tyranny is all around us. The infrastructure of their arrogant imperialism is inescapable. Only when we are willing to acknowledge the fact of their thuggery will we have even the slightest hope of combating it. Only when we admit publicly that Democrats individually are villains will we have any chance of overcoming them.


Phil Elmore is a freelance author, technical writer and publisher of the self-defense e-zine The Martialist.