Sunday, February 21, 2010


Why would Obama and the Democrat congress invite the Republicans to a healthcare 'summit' (his fav) at this late date? One answer is the ever declining polls and the South Carolina, New Jersey, Massachusetts election results, along with the upcoming ever critical November elections. But, it's more diabolical than that -- it's a trap, and, God willing, the Republicans will not play into their plan, because they have to show up. To not show up at this obvious trap, leaves the door wide open for the Dems to say "See, we tried, and they still are the party of NO", with the Republicans not there to defend their reasons.

The reason why they would not show up is because of the scheming by Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Harry Reid, once again behind closed doors, to pass this government takeover healthcare bill against the will of the people by a devious and unconstitutional method called "Reconciliation". This process was allowed for budgetary purposes only, but these snakes will find a way around it to shove the unwanted bill through (unconstitutional). So why should the Republicans show up when in fact the Dems plan to pass their bill anyway? To show the American people what these worms are made of and what they're up to.

If you have an opinion, get on the phones, faxes and emails to let them know how you feel about the corrupt actions of a powerful Democrat congress. Grassfire has info on this here.

Dick Morris writes about this corrupt method from his website:

by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, February 19, 2010

As the story below indicates, our prediction of a month ago is, unfortunately, coming true: Obama is planning one final push to pass healthcare with no Republican support. Disguising his true intentions behind a health care summit which is designed to fail, he will try to pass the Senate bill in the House and send it to the White House to become law. Then, he will use the reconciliation procedure (which lets him pass budget related bills in the Senate with only 51 votes) to push through additional legislation which modifies the bill to suit House and Senate liberals (probably including a public option).

We need to rally one last time to STOP him!

Obama will probably get the House liberals to go along with passing the Senate bill as long as reconcilation looms in the future. He will also have no trouble getting the 51 votes to pass reconciliation in the Senate.

The only way to stop him is to deny Pelosi the support of conservative Democrats in the House who are scared to death following the Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts. When we first figured out what the White House was up to, we prepared ads to run in each of the districts of the swing conservative Democrats who voted for the original health care bill.

As you may remember, health care passed in the House by only 220-115. Thirty-eight Democrats voted no. But about twenty-three conservative Democrats voted in favor of Obamacare. They are all vulnerable to defeat this year. We need to advertise in their districts to persuade them that voting for Obamacare would mean likely political defeat. We need your funds to make these ads possible. We need $1 million for this final push.

Click here to see the ad we propose to run in one such typical district. We have eleven others which we have already produced and are in the can, waiting to go. We will produce and run in more districts as our funding level increases.

PLEASE HELP US WIN THIS FIGHT! Even if you have given before -- even if you have given several times before -- please give again. This is the final round. Remember what Obama says: "we are on the five yard line with health care reform." He is indeed in our red zone with the bill having passed both Houses in different forms already. We need a tough, strong goal line stand to block this disastrous piece of legislation from passing.

Please support the League of American Voters in their efforts to stop Obama -- Go Here Now.

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