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As one of the original TEA Party members, it has been thrilling to see so many millions of Americans stand up and let their voices be heard -- a first for most, frightening for some, and duty-bound for all. Our inspiration comes from a solid foundation in our heritage, the knowledge of how this great nation came to be and for which it stands. For me personally, my Grandfather (the creator of our patriotic Uncle Sam) gave me the courage to finally speak out. If he could do it so eloquently, how could I not at least try, when our country was diabolically being destroyed?

Hundreds of TEA Party groups have formed across this great nation, all with one purpose -- to save this country from tyranny. The success speaks for itself. There is an all out attack on the TEA Party movement, and if we are inconsequential, why would they care?

After a successful year, we have a new group, The National Tea Party Federation, with the purpose of protecting us from these assaults. While I believe this new "Federation" should be closely vetted, we are up against a very powerful machine. The only way we can succeed in our quest, is to be just as powerful.

This has been an incredible journey, and we have made history. In order to take back our country, we need to win in Nov-2010 firstly, and campaign vigorously for 2012. It may take a "coming together" -- pool all our resources in order to be successful against this power hungry and powerful regime. This new "Federation" may be a good way to focus and unite, and be an equally powerful machine. There are millions of good people out there with the same goal, and we are getting stronger by the day.

Many Tea Party groups are signing on, so the best thing is for tea partiers to do our due diligence, research, talk amongst each other, and keep on with our quest. Here is an informative piece about the new NTPF in FOX Business:

Formation Of 'National Tea Party Federation' Announced
from Fox Business, April 8, 2010

MINNEAPOLIS, April 8, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ ----A broad coalition of national and regional Tea Party groups have announced the formation of the National Tea Party Federation (NTPF). The NTPF is established to create a unified message and media response amongst key leadership and their affiliates. At the same time, the NTPF will act as a clearinghouse and to promote the Tea Party movement's objectives of:

•Fiscal Responsibility
•Constitutionally Limited Government
•Free Markets

The federation includes key organizations and leadership and is committed to changing the dynamics of communicating clearly to its membership while supporting the aforementioned principles. The approach will allow for clarity of message, rapid response to media misinformation while continuing to build the brand equity of the Tea Party movement. The NTPF will act in unison without a central leadership or overhead yet collaborate through a common set of principles.

The founders of the National Tea Party Federation include the following Tea Party groups:

•American Grassroots Coalition
•Arkansas Unite
•Cincinnati Tea Party
•Constitutional TEA Party
•DC Works For Us
•Illinois Tea Party
•Lynchburg Tea Party
•New Jersey Tea Party Coalition
•New Mexico Patriots
•Orlando Tea Party
•Pittsburgh Tea Party
•Richmond Tea Party
•Santee East County TEA Party
•Take the Town Halls to Washington
•Tea Party Express
•Tea Party Nation
•The Heart of Texas Tea Party
•The Memphis TEA Party
•The Mississippi Tea Party
•Tupelo Tea Party
•Waco Tea Party
•We The People of Pennsylvania

The National Tea Party Federation is comprised of national, regional and local leadership that has worked to build trust amongst the various parties. The founding members will work to encourage other groups and leadership to join the federation thereby extending its impact and capabilities.

Jamie Radtke, Chairman of the Richmond Tea Party stated, "The National Tea Party Federation is based upon successful models deployed over the past year. These include actions like our own efforts in Virginia. We understand the importance of standing together while enhancing the ability to frame the discussion and realize gains amongst this approach to collaboration."

The federation was formed in response to a concerted effort of misinformation propagated by the mainstream media. The federation will act as a "rapid response" team to mainstream media misinformation.

NTPF has also established alliances which include like-minded advocacy and support groups such as:

•60 Plus
•Americans for Prosperity
•Americans for Tax Reform
•Bannon Strategic Advisors
•Citizens Against Government Waste
•Citizens United
•Constitutional Sovereignty Alliance
•Contract From America
•Doctor Patient Medical Association
•Family Research Council
•Heartland Institute
•Institute for Liberty
•Let Freedom Ring
•Moms for America
•National Taxpayers Union
•Ronald Reagan Institute for Conservative Leadership
•Richard Viguerie
•Tea Party Patriots Live!
•Victory Media Group

Mark A. Skoda of The Memphis Tea Party commented, "The combination of the Tea Party leadership and a strong network of alliances brings together activists with the resources to get our message out while coordinating across these many groups. The talent, experience and results orientation of the National Tea Party Federation is unprecedented in the current political environment."

Darla Dewald of ResistNet also commented, "The power of this federation is extraordinary. The leadership and advisors who have chosen to affiliate within the National Tea Party Federation are key activists with the capability to deliver a clear message while also working with their membership to achieve change."

Maggie Hunt of the Santee East County Tea Party stated, "This federation, much like the United States itself, is a combination of large Tea Party organizations and smaller local groups. We are so pleased to play our part and to participate in this important effort."

Dozens of other Tea Party leadership and affiliates have been invited into the National Tea Party Federation and are working through their review processes. The NTPF is an open federation and welcomes all Tea Party groups and affiliates who are committed to the core principles of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets.

For further information or to register and participate in the National Tea Party Federation, please visit our website at

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