Saturday, July 17, 2010

U.S. Authorities Shut Down WordPress Host With 73,000 Blogs

The threat of shutting down free speech is growing, as in a recent report on Torrent Freak, under the guise of 'mis-use':

Indeed, 73,000 blogs is a significant number to take down in one swoop, regardless of what some users of the site may or may not have been doing. Time will tell if it was indeed a copyright complaint that took down the service but the signs are certainly there. Not so long ago the conclusion that this type of action could be taken on copyright grounds would have been dismissed out of hand, but the current atmosphere seems to be changing.

This is just the beginning of Big Government's "boot on the neck of" free speech, and the fear is more sites, along with talk radio, will soon be in their crosshairs.  The timing couldn't be more obvious in light of the upcoming November 2010 [and 2012] elections.  But, Americans are ever vigilant and more involved than ever before.  Election Day is 108 days away, and we have a choice to make.

Not that any of us fell for his garbage, but this is one of the most moving and motivating videos, and apparently the libs are trying to drive it off the "free press", aka You Tube:

Hap tip Power Line, via Mark Levin

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