Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Debate Calendar
August 17th is a special state Senate election in a runoff between John Laird (D) and Sam Blakeslee (R). Laird has recently been endorsed by Obama, and if Laird wins, the Democrats would be within one vote of the two-thirds majority they need in the state Senate to approve tax increases and the state budget.  Over the last 19 months, we have witnessed what happens when there is no balance of power.

Both campaigns have been "well-greased with cash", and a write-in ballot will make it easier for California voters off on summer holidays across the district to mail in their vote, so every vote counts.

From The Californian in June:

Monterey County voters have a chance to impact the balance of power in the state Legislature on June 22.

The special primary election to fill the open state Senate seat in District 15 pits Santa Cruz Democrat John Laird against San Luis Obispo Republican Sam Blakeslee. You might call it the battle of the North vs. the South.

Drawn in 2001 to protect a moderate Republican, Abel Maldonado, Senate District 15 has morphed into a Democratic majority. Maldonado's appointment to lieutenant governor earlier this year left the Senate seat open. Republicans are desperate to keep it to prevent Democrats from moving closer to a supermajority in the Legislature with a District 15 victory.
Blakeslee took a 7 percent lead in the June 22nd primary winning 49.4 percent of the vote, just short of the needed 50%. This makes the August 17th runoff critical, as the Democrats hold a 7-point registration edge in the district.  Laird has a record of raising taxes and killing jobs.  Sound familiar?

Let's get out and vote -- time to "take out the trash".