Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Barack Hussein Obama's roots are now out of the closet. Will it make a difference? Possibly. By November 2nd? God willing.

Where does Obama's Soviet slanted view come from? In Red State, Erick Erickson writes:

"Why would the President of the United States want to slander 3 million American companies, and their tens of millions of employees? Why would he assume them evil enough to subvert the law deliberately like this? Is the man who got his political start in the home of a terrorist, who spent twenty years worshipping in the church of a man who preached contempt for America, whose childhood mentor was a communist radical, and who shows no more understanding of basic economics than a cliff notes reading of Das Kapital . . . projecting?" (Read full piece here. It's a good one)

Those of us who were listening saw the product of his roots early on. He gave it up when he opened his mouth on the campaign trail mentioning the need for a civilian military "more powerful than our military"; when he told Joe the Plumber (later threatened with an IRS audit) "when you spread the wealth around it's good for everybody"; he revealed it again talking to Wall Street when he said "I do think at a certain point you've made enough money".

But, ladies and gentlemen, we have a president who has lied to the American people so many times during his twenty months in office, it's unfathomable. It's historic. His current deceit has taken on a new dimension. While stumping in Philadelphia this weekend, Obama made the outrageous statement that the United States Chamber of Commerce "was a threat to democracy".

Say what? The only thing that is a threat to democracy is Barack Hussein Obama. In his Cloward & Piven style of destroying our economic structure, he has taken over the industries of auto, banking, insurance, finance, healthcare, and threatens the takeover of unions, natural resources (Cap & Trade), and anything else he can get his hands on.

The issue here is - where's Obama's proof, and more importantly -- where is the press in demanding proof behind this slanderous statement? Why can’t the press, the politicians and the public get beyond the fear of racism accusations and demand proof? Whether it's proof of his recent statements, or proof of his birth, or proof of his academic history, or proof of his legal practice, why is Obama not pressed for answers, where they would demand them of President Bush?

Obama's recent assault on the United States Chamber of Commerce in their use of foreign funds for political use is completely unfounded. His assault on Karl Rove and GOP strategist El Gillespie is also unfounded. Again, where is his proof? Why is no one demanding it? Why is no one questioning his use of foreign funds? There were many loopholes in an investigation of Obama’s 2008 campaign funds, and many unanswered questions. Barack Obama has received more funds from big oil companies, including the foreign country owned BP, from those 'evil' insurance companies, and 'greedy' Wall Street, from millions of anonymous donations, and no one questions it.

Obama is now apparently backing off his vile accusations of the Chamber of Commerce, but he has planted the seed, leaving Vice President Joe Biden and White House Advisor David Axelrod to continue planting the lies. Thugocracy reigns.

Once again, the infamous Ann Coulter quotation speaks volumes:

"You can always tell what the libs are up to, by what they accuse you of doing."