Monday, November 1, 2010


If anything should get defeated Alaska incumbant senator Lisa Murkowski out of office, it's her unscrupulous act of getting radio host Dan Fagan fired at KQFD Alaska. Murkowski was fairly and squarly beaten in the primary by Tea Party endorsed Joe Miller, but like a greedy, spoiled, wanton child, she stomped her foot, and cried like a baby, demanding she stay in the race as a write-in candidate.

Accusing Fagan of "electioneering", she sent her attack dogs to protest the radio station for allowing this. Isn't this what talk show hosts do? Fagan's response is correct, "radio talk show hosts constantly advocate for or against candidates", but it appears libs are thin-skinned. Murkowski is using her fleet of $1,000 per hour lawyers to threaten the radio station, showing the public just how unprofessional and spoiled she truly is.

This plan of Fagan's stemmed from a recent flip-flop in the Alaska court system, when Murkowski again used her power to instigage the overturn of a state regulation. The regulation, in place for over 50 years, forbids allowing any information about write-in candidates at the polling place or within 200 feet of its entrance. Could the phrase "Sore Loser" ring any louder?

Murkowski was crying in her spilt milk about this with Greta Van Susteren Sunday night, and Sarah Palin, often at odds with Dan Fagan, wrote a powerful response to the latest Murkowski hissy-fit, which she entitled "Lisa, Are You Going to Shut Down My Facebook Page for Writing This?"

Brilliant, Sarah!

Murkowski's actions are exactly what has infuriated a country. The fact that incumbants feel entitled to remain in office as long as they want; make decisions based on their own personal desires through any backroom deals necessary; ignore the will of the people; compromise their principles to achieve their personal goals; the use of D.C. Beltway thugocracy -- has awoken the sleeping giant. We have had enough!

Comments can be made to Alaska radio station KQFD here.

Using her power, Queen Murkowski lashes out when her subjects oppose her? Do the right thing, Alaska. If this woman wins -- I give up!