Sunday, March 4, 2012


As we near the Nov-2012 election, more and more Americans are realizing how crucial it is. Help Americans join the crusade to get out the vote by sending a reminder: How's That "Hope & Change" Working for You? sticky notes. Bring your own pad with your written message, or pick up some pre-printed pads at Patriot Depot, join the Facebook campaign.

Remind them
At the Pump (gas prices were $1.89 when Obama took office)
At the Grocery Store (shelves are a good spot, especially cereal)
At the Doctor's Office (where Obamacare is kicking in)
In Restrooms (the towel dispense is nice and suttle)
On Shopping Carts
On ATM machines (right where you pull out your money)
At Flea Markets (where we have to sell our possessions to survive)
At Fast Food Drive Throughs (on the order screen by the price)
On Bulletin Boards (in markets and local restaurants)
At the Car Wash
In the Laundrymat

We've got to call attention to the failure of the Obama Administration, and make them accountable for these higher prices and this no-growth economy. These are an inexpensive way to spread the word of Obama's failure while having fun at the same time, and we've all got some. Place them where it hurts the most; next to the price of food or beside the price of gas, not obstructing it.

Inflation is hurting America and it not being reported because they have change the template. How can you not include gas and food? We pay for it every day, and it should be a constant reminder of why Obama cannot have another four years. And those four years would be completely un-tethered. Both Barack Obama and Joe Biden have talked of ruling without the consent of Congress, and that should scare the daylights out of every red-blooded American.

If you feel comfortable, take a photo of it and upload it on your Facebook, or on the Facebook page of "How's That Hope & Change Working for You Campaign?", or post it here. Remember to be respectful, not destructive, respect property rights. We are the silent majority, respecting every individual's right for freedom and the opportunity to express our beliefs.

God bless America