Tuesday, November 17, 2009


As America moves farther and farther to the left, it is important to get inside the head of the extreme radical left. Recommended reading to learn how the radical mind works is Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsly, and more importantly Shadow World by Robert Chandler, on the strategy of Antonio Gramsci to transform his Christian nation into a Marxist state.

In today's climate of ramming through legislation opposed by the majority, these marxist principles are a must to understand, if we are to recognise the signs and get this country back on track.

Gwendolyn Kik wrote an excellent piece in Voice Out There, and a must read: (hat tip Debbie)

Ten steps toward an American progressive-socialist-marxist civil society:

1. change the popular consensus by destroying christianity, the traditional family, and exiting social mores

2. transform the culture by installing a radical Left mind control

3. attain political power by imposing strict control of the military and law enforcement

4. restrict freedom by socializing the economy

5. erase American sovreignty by embracing a world without borders

6. attain political power by winning democratic elections

7. dominate both Houses of Congress

8. restrict freedom of the press and expression

9. enforce a massive redistribution of wealth from the private and public sector

10. limit freedom of speech, religion, right to bear arms, and state’s rights p.309, Shadow World, Chandler