Sunday, November 15, 2009

GretaWire New Poll on Government-Run Health Care

On the Record's Greta Van Susteren had a new poll on government run health care, with commentary, which I can no longer find, but did make a screen shot. The most important point is, how can government be allowed to make such a drastic change in our system without putting it to a vote of the people to whom it affects?

November 15, 2009 01:18 PM EST

What is your view on this?

The below poll is now closed....but based on these numbers in the closed poll below (and they include Democratic and Republican run administrations), how can anyone vote FOR a COMPLETE government overhaul of our health care system? How could anyone think our government can do this?

I want to see health care reform - and we really need it - but what makes anyone confidant the government can do it by a complete overhaul? Look at the grades below.

In light of the lack of confidence, and the government's history of inefficiency and bureaucracy, would it not make much more sense to tinker with the existing system - work to make it more efficient and better answer the needs of more and more Americans - than run the risk of the government screwing it up with a complete overhaul? If we fix the existing system, we can test different programs and if they don't work, we can regroup.

A complete change in the system greatly increases the chances of screwing it up (screwing it up fatally) and it is much harder to turn back if it is a complete mess.

If the government could do it right, I would be game for the government to do it. But based on the numbers below, who could possibly turn it over to the government? Who feels confidant? Should we not play it safe? Fix what we have -- don't turn it all upside down and hope for the best!

It all starts up again in the Senate this week, so here's a concise contact list of all Senators.