Monday, March 8, 2010


Time to melt the phone/fax/emails on ObamaCare. He's counting on our silence. You can use their services, or use their template & phone numbers to send your own. From Grassfire:

From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

ObamaCare vote in the House on March 18... Final Senate vote on March 26... But that plan hinges on one thing. See below.

Today, President Obama launched his last-minute campaign-style push to get enough partisan phone calls and faxes flooding Capitol Hill.

Here's what the President said:

"We need to see where people stand. And we need all of you to help us win that vote. So I need you to knock on doors. Talk to your neighbors. Pick up the phone... [W]e need you to make your voices heard all the way in Washington, D.C."

That means President Obama's strategy depends on one thing...


Obama knows public opinion is against him (the polls consistently show that a majority of Americans oppose ObamaCare). If a representative sampling of Americans contacted members of Congress, then most phone calls,
faxes and emails would OPPOSE ObamaCare and their fast-track timeline would be derailed.

So he is counting on our silence while resorting to campaign-style efforts to rally his troops -- the far left ideologues from his presidential run and groups like MoveOn.

As I shared with you a few days ago, that strategy appears to be working. Here's what a trusted contact on Capitol Hill reported:

"We just left [a member of Congress'] office and while we were waiting, their phones were going crazy demanding... support for health care... Get everyone you can to call or fax or email."

This contact also said the odds of ObamaCare passing have risen dramatically in the past week. And now the targeted House vote is just 10 days away.

I know many in the Grassfire Nation have stepped forward and sent many, many faxes. If you can send faxes again, please consider doing so.

If you have never sent faxes to your members of Congress, NOW IS THE TIME.

You can use our FaxFire system to send this message right now to your two Senators, your Rep AND the President -- and MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Go here
to schedule your faxes

(As always, we provide all the information for you to send your own faxes if you prefer. Just click the above link.)