Tuesday, March 23, 2010


As we pick ourselves up from a gut-wrenching weekend, a battle has been won by Obama and company, but not the war on liberty. This is a new day, and there is no room for compromises. Bi-partisan should be removed from our language, because there is no such thing. The Libs would never compromise in any way, and neither should conservatives anymore. RINOs must be weeded out and defeated. We need to be bold. We need to be agressive. We need not compromise -- and lose. (Thank you Mark Levin for your inspiration)

This weekend was a hard bite to swallow, but we should be inspired. Liberals have finally exposed themselves for what they truly are, and we move ahead from there. There is no holding back and making nice. It's time to say goodbye to the wishy-washy likes of John McCain and Lindsey Graham, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. We don't have the time. The Democrats have to be removed in the next election, and, God willing, kept out forever after revealing their true colours this past 15 nightmarish months.

We have new heros with which to rejoice and support, such as the ever eloquent Paul Ryan, and the artful Eric Cantor, and John Thune, not to mention my personal favorite, Jim DeMint. We have up and coming patriots such as Marco Rubio and Chuck DeVore. There's a lot to be thankful for and so many of them gave moving, passionate speeches prior to the vote.

Today, in addition to this administration's marxist re-distribution of wealth, we can add the re-distribution of health.

Tony Gallardo writes a great piece in American Thinker about Obama's Pyrrhic Victory, and it surely is:

Where the Cliché 'Pyrrhic Victory' Comes From
by Tony Gallardo, March 23, 2010

Let me get this out of the way first; congratulations, Mr. President!! You won! Just as you won the presidency in 2008, and were so quick to tell Eric Cantor, Republican of Virginia, early in your administration.

I guess that makes you a winner.

Let me tell you a story.

There was a king in ancient Greece named Pyrrhus, who was renowned as a great man and a great general. He was ruthless and fought ferociously to completely vanquish his enemies. In 280 B.C. he defeated the Romans, and he defeated them again the next year.

These victories were so costly that he lost most of his own forces and he was reported to have said "One more such victory and we are lost."

His victories were so costly that he was forever weakened and never won again.

Mr. President, savor your victory while you can, because I believe you have set in motion a collection of actions and reactions that will further divide the citizens of this great country and set them against each other.

There will be lawsuits, higher taxes, cost shifting from Medicare to the newly entitled, higher deficits, more intervention into the private sector and a weakened economy.

There will be decreased prosperity.

There will be continued unrest across America for years.

This victory comes with a high price. The cost is greater than the benefit.

As Pyrrhus discovered, you may have won, but you and the Democrats in Congress lose.

This will be your legacy.

"We the people" have two choices. We can give up and allow our selves to be treated like farm animals; managed, controlled, and subjected to a humiliating existence, or we can begin a long term fight to regain our representative form of government.

Let us hope there are enough of us to effect the latter.