Thursday, May 20, 2010


Timing is everything. I say this being a reformed lib, raised in a family of thespians, studying "make believe" with the hopes of following in their footsteps, but eventually becoming a very young mother and raising a child in the 1960's, no less. Personally, liberalism was doomed, as the last democrat I ever voted for was Jimmy Carter -- God help me! But, my upbringing did give me a certain perspective into the mind of far left radicals (which my parents were not), especially in the entertainment field.

Life is make believe, and utopia is a one world order where everyone gets along and behaves themselves. Of course, in this utopia we have one ruler who watches over us, making all the choices and decisions individuals and private businesses are incapable of making. Then America will be just like everyone else, level the playing field, distribute individual wealth and personal property -- take from the have's, and give to the have not's -- sort of like Robin Hood and the Sherwood Forest. And, of course - no more American exceptionalism.

This is very disturbing, but it is so far out in left field. Again, we see how our country is sliding backwards into a world our forefathers fled in order to be free. Unless we keep educating ourselves AND our children (because the left will surely not), history will repeat itself. If you need more proof, take a look at what Woody Allen wants these days, in a piece by Bojidar Marinov from Vision to America:

Woody Allen Wants to Make Obama Dictator in Chief
by Bojidar Marinov, May 18, 2010

Erich Graetz, owner and manager of the producer of kerosene lamps and electrical systems Ehrich & Graetz AG, had inherited the company from his father Max Graetz in 1936. Max and his two sons, Erich and Fritz, were among the critics of the Weimar Republic. Ehrich & Graetz AG profited much under Hitler’s regime. The company employed the services of about 1,100 forced laborers during the war, one third of them Jewish. In 1943 the SS took the Jewish workers to the concentration camps. Erich only complained about the loss of the labor of the “non-Aryans.”

Erich Graetz is better known for his exclamation in the early 1930s, “Ist Hitler nicht ein famoser Kerl?” (“Isn’t Hitler a fabulous guy?”) He supported Hitler’s ascent to power, and he took advantage of the forced labor provided by the dictatorship government of the Nazi Party. Hitler was just fabulous, wasn’t he? He had to have dictatorial powers. That’s what Germany needed. How else would Germany be restored to power?

Of course, we know what Hitler brought to Germany—utter devastation, destruction, and suffering. Erich and Fritz lost all they had. They could have foreseen as early as 1936 what was coming. But they were deceived by their blind worship of Hitler. After all, wasn’t he ein famoser Kerl?

Woody Allen lived his whole life quite comfortably in a nation that more than any other nation on the planet had liberty and justice for all, embedded in its Constitution, and in the very fabric of its society. He had the freedom to make films that most Americans resented, and also movies that didn’t necessarily agreed with the views of the political elite at the time. He could say things that so many of us disagreed with, and he could get away with them. There were no “crystal nights” at Woody Allen’s shop, and he wasn’t sent to a concentration camp. Even when he married his very young stepdaughter, the court didn’t give him what he deserved. He got away with much.

But these days Woody Allen is of the opinion, that Obama is just brilliant, and he must be given dictatorial powers. Obama just must be allowed to force the majority of us Americans to do what he wants. We shouldn’t be allowed to make our own decisions, or have it our own way. We should be under dictatorial rule of this fabulous president. Obama must be given the power to impose “crystal nights” on the rest of us and send us to concentration camps if he considers such actions good for the nation.

In short, after taking advantage of the liberties in America, Woody Allen wants to make sure that other Americans are deprived of that privilege. Why? Because for Woody Allen, Obama ist ein famoser Kerl.

The Left has always been on the lookout to find that promised Messiah of socialism, that famoser Kerl who is “brilliant,” who knows everything, who is by definition sinless and infallible. Every generation of leftists had its demi-god who would bring about the promised kingdom of complete government control, who knows better than the people what is good for them. Leftist American intellectuals have been obsessed with Mussolini, then Hitler, FDR, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Kennedy... The list of socialist would-be messiahs is longer than the list of the would-be Antichrists for the dispensationalists.

This reveals a very interesting characteristic of the Left. Even though it generally parades under the banner of atheism or “anti-religion,” the Left is profoundly and hopelessly religious to the core. It is deeply irrational when it comes to belief in its proposed messiahs. I say “religious,” but the word that properly describes it would probably rather be “superstitious.” A religious faith is usually accompanied by a theology, an attempt to rationalize the belief, to analyze and understand the object of worship, to make it accessible intellectually to outsiders. Religious faith is open to consider and meet objections and answer them. It defends itself by presenting counter-arguments and building a worldview that encompasses both personal and corporate thought and action.

The Left has nothing like it. Its faith in its messiahs is a primitive, deeply irrational superstition. It doesn’t attempt to understand or analyze them; it doesn’t attempt to defend them intellectually; it doesn’t attempt to understand any counter-arguments and answer them. They are just “brilliant,” the kind of god that humanity needed all along. Anyone who objects to this irrational superstition is by default a taboo-breaker in the eyes of the leftists; he spits upon their totem.

And of course, since the messiah of the leftists must be by default above any doubt or question, since he is famoser and brilliant, logically he must be given dictatorial powers. Anything less than dictatorial powers would be an affront to the god. The process of political representation in the Constitution of the United States presupposes that politicians are fallible and sinful and imperfect. This comes in direct contradiction with the primitive superstitious faith of the leftists. Therefore, for a consistent leftist, the Constitution has to go, and our famoser Kerl must be given dictatorial powers.

Just like Erich Graetz 70 years ago, Woody Allen is intelligent enough to foresee what would be coming to America if Barrack Hussein Obama was given dictatorial powers. The Founders of this country warned against it, and we have the examples of so many other “brilliant dictators” in other countries in recent history. But just like Erich Graetz, Woody Allen is blinded by his own primitive tribal superstition that blocks his brain and wouldn’t allow him to see the irrationality of his own words. The Apostle Paul says in his epistle to the Romans about folks like Woody Allen, that,

For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible man and of birds and four-footed animals and crawling creatures (Rom. 1:21–23).

In its flight from God and His Law, the Left didn’t find freedom from religious beliefs, neither did it find wisdom. To the contrary, the Left rejected the ordered house of the Christian religion only to live in the jungle of primitive creature worship and superstition; and instead of wisdom, it got irrationalism and stupidity. Woody Allen is an end product of this process.

Irrational superstitious creature-worshippers do not build civilizations. They can only live as parasites in a civilization created by those who worship the Creator. Woody Allen’s faith is dying across America, and his brilliant famoser Kerl will go down in history as the worst President America ever had. God is not to be mocked.