Monday, September 13, 2010


As Speaker Nancy Pelosi lectured to her flock of minions, "We have to pass the bill, so that you can find out what is in it", truer words were never spoken.  It is well known that this bill was not read by the majority of congress; members of congress had to be bribed [with our tax dollars] in order to vote for the bill; there were backroom deals we will never hear about [unless a "Deap Throat" eventually comes forward]; the public, at a joint session of congress, were, in fact, lied to by a president of the United States.

There are countless measures in this bill that are unconstitutional, the biggest being a mandate to buy health insurance, now being challenged in our courts across the country.

Now that it has been passed - against the will of the people - Americans must hold Republican's feet to the fire about the repeal of this specious bill.  Lately there has been some hemming and hawing about a repeal, and those who appear reluctant need to be singled out.

These are the type of moderates that we are trying to clean out of the Republican party, such as Mike Castle in Delaware, who voted for Cap & Trade as part of the Gang of Eight (great piece by Michelle Malkin.  Castle's primary is tomorrow, Tues Sept 14th, along with 7 other critical states, who is running against Christine O'Donnell (neck and neck). Remember to get out and vote.

Over the years we have seen our freedoms in peril, as they chip away at the edges. "It's not too late to reclaim the American Idea", Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) said recently. This election we have a chance to elect true conservatives, even though the liberals and the liberal media attempts to paint them as radicals. Look who's talking! Methinks they doth protest too much.

We also have the Republican elitists working against constitutional conservatives, which makes it more difficult, but can be done. It's the old "Ruling Class" vs the "Country Class", as the American Spectator writes about, making term limits more necessary now that we have seen how public office has been so abused. These people have been in public office way too long, and have developed an "I'm royalty" attitude, rather than the privilege of serving the people, the dangers written at length by Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.

The brilliant Betsy McCaughey, PhD writes an excellent piece from the New York Post on why our health insurance premiums are going up [another lie by the current president], and what to look for if this bill is not repealed:

Get Set for Big Premium Hikes
by Betsy McCaughey - September 13, 2010

President Obama is boasting that his new health law provides "free" preventive care, such as mammograms and colonoscopies. But when you open your mail, you'll find out that's untrue; all he's doing is making you pay for it in advance.

The government isn't going to force you to get a colonoscopy, but being forced to pay for one feels almost the same.

Millions of Americans are getting notices that their premiums are going up to pay for changes required under the ObamaCare law. Section 2713 of the law requires that those premiums include the full cost for such preventive services as Pap smears, mammograms and smoking-cessation programs. Obama's "free" really just means you won't have a co-pay if you decide to get that service. But it's not free -- merely prepaid. When a restaurant charges you $25 for the all-you-can-eat buffet, it can't claim dessert is "free."

Another reason premiums are soaring this fall is the rapid rise in Medicaid enrollment, now up to a record 50 million people nationwide. When Medicaid rolls expand, it's a double whammy for the rest of us; our taxes go up and so do our premiums.

Medicaid pays, on average, 86 cents for every dollar of care provided. Doctors and hospitals are shortchanged. They try to make up the difference by charging privately insured patients more. The average household paid almost $1,800 a year in added premiums to offset Medicaid costs before the recession began. Now, with Medicaid rolls up, that hidden tax increases your premium even more.

Get set for larger premium hikes in 2014. That's when most ObamaCare provisions go into effect.

Before Congress passed the health law, the Congressional Budget Office warned that individual and small-group health premiums would be 10 percent to 13 percent higher under ObamaCare. In other words, Congress members who voted for this law knew it would raise your insurance costs.

A major reason is the one-size-fits-all benefit package, which you'll have to have whether you want it and can afford it or not. It will include things many consumers haven't had to buy in the past, such as addiction treatment for heroin addicts (Sec. 1302).

Another reason is the expansion of Medicaid. Obama said he'd solve the problem of the uninsured by making insurance more affordable, but 60 percent of all those who will gain coverage in 2014 are being put on Medicaid -- which, again, will increase the hidden tax in your premium.

By 2019, 82 million people will be on Medicaid or S-CHIP, the public children's program -- that's more than 28 percent of all Americans under 65.

Obama pledged to "bend the cost curve" on health insurance. But he's bending the truth instead. When you open your mail, you can thank ObamaCare for the premium hike.

Betsy McCaughey, a former New York lieu tenant governor, is author of "The Obama Health Law: What It Says and How to Overturn It."


Betsy McCaughey
Defend Your Healthcare