Sunday, July 12, 2009

As Our Economy Worsens

As our economy worsens, the threat of Cap-and-Trade is upon us. This has to be the single worst proposed law in US history, and the ramifications are staggering in the form of hidden and not so hidden taxes, and loss of millions of jobs and businesses.

To make matters worse, it's Orwell's "1984" , only 25 years later, in the form of their Smart Grid controlling your use of power, and their GPS system tracking every move you make in your car & when.

Bill Kristol has a brilliant piece in The Weekly Standard:

Words You Won't Find in Obama's Op-ed

In President Obama’s op-ed on the topic of the economy, here are some words you won’t find: profits, investment, incentives, taxes, risk, enterprise or markets. Or freedom, or liberty. So, though he claims to want to build a “foundation for growth,” Obama ignores the real drivers of economic growth. Instead, his vision is that of a bloated and meddling nanny state that would stifle economic opportunity and growth.

Obama’s economic program--the stimulus package, health care, cap and trade--offers a huge opportunity to Republicans: Oppose root-and-branch this attempt to impose on us more spending, more debt, and higher taxes, accompanied by an ever heavier hand of government. Oppose these schemes that are informed by the unwarranted arrogance of the central planners and the barely hidden condescension of the best and the brightest.

Republicans can propose instead incentives for economic growth and job-creation consistent with free markets and limited government, accompanied by reasonable regulations that will avoid a repeat of the financial meltdown. With Obama going down the road to the nanny state, Republicans have a chance to articulate by contrast a sensible and compelling pro-growth agenda consistent with the history of American democratic capitalism and the principles of a free society.