Saturday, July 25, 2009

DeMint Portrayed as Assassin in Political Cartoon

When the going gets tough, the left fight dirty -- as usual. Of all the politicians in congress these days, I don't know a more soft spoken gentleman than Senator Jim DeMint. He reminds me of Thomas Paine, unafraid to speak up against tyranny.

This is atrocious, and HotAir has brought it out in the open for full exposure. Let's keep up the heat: (hat tip to RedState)

DeMint Portrayed as Assassin in Political Cartoon
posted at 6:39 pm on July 25, 2009 by Pundette

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The Washington Post featured this in today’s paper as one of the better cartoons of the week: (above)

Is it okay to portray Sen. Jim DeMint (or anyone else) as a sniper? And what, or whom, is he aiming at?

Supposedly the target is “healthcare,” but the cartoon obviously refers to DeMint’s remark about breaking Obama. It’s not much of a jump to believe that the cartoonist intends us to imagine that DeMint’s target is Obama.

Maybe I’m being touchy. It’s just a cartoon and it’s supposed to be edgy. But most Americans are quite sensitive to suggestions of presidential (or other) assassination, and particularly so when it involves a sniper taking aim from a tall building.

The Post showed terrible judgment when they chose to run this.

*Here’s a link to a photo of the tenements mentioned by commenters below, courtesy of a commenter at RedState.