Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On the Lighter Side ...

As the cameras mysteriously avoided the full shot of the President's pitch at the All Star game, one has to wonder just how much media control he has. Kinda frightening, but on a lighter side -- Rachel Abrams has a hilarious piece in The Weekly Standard.

Obama, No Better at the Windup than the Pitch

It's bad enough we're forced to listen to him pitching a domestic policy derived from Alinskyesque community-organizing principles and a foreign policy based on plain old appeasement. It's bad enough he's threatening to hurl us tailspinning back into the malaiseous 1970s with his Carteresque balking. It's bad enough he's our pitcher-in-chief and no one's coming out of the bullpen for at least another three-and-a-half years.

Did we really also have to listen to him blathering on with the moron twins, Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, during the all-star game tonight? First, those two don't need any help ruining a perfectly good baseball game. They're quite capable of doing that on their own with their idiotic commentary. And second, he may have thrown out the first pitch wearing a Chicago White Sox jacket ("My wife thinks I look cute in it"), but there was nothing in his cool aspect or his broadcast-booth blarney to suggest a true love for the game, like that of, say, our 43rd president. This guy should stick to golfing, or, better yet, to kicking a soccer ball around the White House lawn. It suits him: more Europeanish, less Americanish.