Saturday, December 26, 2009


If you want to know why Obama told the world America is not a Judao-Christian country, you only need to look to his actions, which, after all, speak louder than words. He and his family have attended church three times in 2009, and did not attend church services on Christmas. They can give any excuse known to mankind... Hooey!

Remember, in one of his numerous interviews, Obama said: "My Muslim Faith". The press, again, have given him a free pass on this [severely irresponsible and criminally negligent in their job], and should President Bush have neglected Christmas service, we would have not heard the end of it. But when it comes to Obama, the press gush and fawn over this man to the point of revulsion.

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs writes an excellent piece:

Bloody Liar: No Church for Obamas on Christmas
by Pamela Geller, December 25, 2009

A writer for TIME magazine reports that the president and his family are not attending Christmas services. Good luck with that, America!

But it is not surprising. Real church (not Jeremiah Wright's Klan meetings), but real church to Obama is like the silver cross to Dracula. He has gone to church (including a black liberation church) all of three times in 2009.

I warn you if you click on the Time magazine link, you will go into insulin chock from the sticky, sweet sugar coating of this disgusting story. Fellating the Obamas, Time magazine's Amy Smith laments that "church, in fact, has been a surprisingly tough issue for the Obamas." Awww, poe Moe. The media's constant proctological ass kissing is enough to make you puke.

But it was his his constant slinging and trafficking in his Christianity while campaigning that makes this particularly galling.

And this Amy Smith has no shame or journalistic ethics. She goes on to say:

"it looks like the First Family will still make it to Hawaii for Christmas...... The Obamas have celebrated Christmas in Hawaii, where the President grew up, nearly every year since the girls were born.

Obama grew up in the streets of Jakarta. His childhood was spent in Indonesia, ages six to twelve. Smith spins the mendacious narrative that the Obama propaganda machine carefully constructed and the media happily administered to the unsuspecting public in the run up to the election. If Obama's presidency is proof of anything, it's that Mahmoud Ahmadijihad could be elected POTUS if the media is in your crotch cup.

Who is taking odds on when he comes out?

No Churchgoing Christmas for the First Family

It looks like the First Family will still make it to Hawaii for Christmas. They've had a whirlwind holiday season so far, starting with the lighting of the National Christmas Tree, through hosting more than 50,000 people for 27 parties and open houses, and ending with a visit by the First Lady, Malia and Sasha, and the family's dog Bo, to deliver cookies to the Children's National Medical Center. The Obamas have also started their own holiday traditions in their new home, adding a Christmas wislamenhing tree to the decorations festooning the White House.

But there's one common Christmas practice not on the First Family's schedule: a visit to Christmas Eve church services. (See TIME's photo-essay "Christmas Arrives at the Obama White House.")

Church, in fact, has been a surprisingly tough issue for the Obamas. They resigned their membership with Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago in 2008 after Obama renounced the church's controversial former pastor, Jeremiah Wright. And while the First Family intended to find a local church to attend when they moved to Washington, concerns about crowds and displacing regular worshippers has prevented them from finding a new religious home during their first year here.