Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We, as conservatives, are losing our bearing. Because of our belief to live and let live, conservatives are not 'in your face' people. We love people of all religion, color or creed, and above all we love God and our country, from which it was founded.

Times have changed, as we have witnessed this past 18 months. Our principles and rights have been ambushed, and it's time to stop this madness. We are a country that used to be able to worship together, without animosity. We used to be able to express ourselves without being trampled, much less sued, for our ideas.

After being told prayers are not allowed in our schools, we have 2nd Graders being taught "Allah is God", but don't say anything against this or you are an "Islamophobe". For the love of Heaven, do these people know how ridiculous they sound?

It's time for Conservatives to take a stand for justice and the American Way. The left has been chipping away at our God given rights for far too long.

Act! for America writes about the advance of radical Islam and CAIR:

Second Graders Told to Sing “Allah is God”
December 16, 2009

What would happen if public school second graders were told to sing a Christmas song that proclaimed “Jesus is Lord?”

Or what would happen if those same students were told to sing “We pray ‘til night to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?”

The fact is, we don’t have to speculate, because neither of those things is likely to happen in any public school in America.

So how is it that a public elementary school principal and some teachers saw nothing objectionable with their students singing “Allah is God?”

Their answer—they were just trying to teach “inclusiveness.” See the Fox News Radio story below (highlights added).

And when a Christian parent objected, a spokesman for the Muslim Alliance of Indiana called the objection “Islamophobic.”

So simply objecting to a song in a public school that proclaims “Allah is God,” when no other faiths are so recognized, is “Islamophobic?”


We have reached the point where a non-Muslim parent is called an “Islamophobe” for simply and rightfully objecting to his child being forced to sing a song in public school that proclaims “Allah is God.”

Please don’t let anyone tell you we’re over-reacting to the threat of political correctness and the advance of radical Islam.

CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, has been a national leader in the ongoing public relations campaign to tar critics of radical Islam as “Islamophobes.”

Have you signed our petition calling for a government investigation of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations?

Todd Starnes from Fox News Radio writes:

A battle over religion is brewing in central Indiana after a public school wanted second graders to sing a song declaring, “Allah is God.” The phrase was removed just before the performance after a national conservative group launched a protest.

The principal of Lantern Road Elementary School in Fishers, IN, said they were trying to teach inclusiveness through their holiday production. It included references to Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Las Posadas and Kwanzaa. However, no other deity, other than Allah, was referenced in the show.

“It went off…without a hitch,” Danielle Thompson told the Indianapolis Star. “Several families thought it was a nice program.”

But others did not – especially David Hogan. His daughter came home with a copy of the lyrics just days before the production. Hogan, a Christian, told the American Family Association, a conservative advocacy group, that he was deeply concerned to learn that his daughter had been singing, “Allah is God.”

Here’s what the children were assigned to sing:

“Allah is God, we recall at dawn,
Praying ‘til night during Ramadan
At this joyful time we pray happiness for you,
Allah be with you all your life through.”

But when it came time to perform the “Christian” part of Christmas, children were assigned to say:

“I didn’t know there was a little boy at the manger. What child is this?
I’m not sure if there was a little boy or not.
Then why did you paint one on your nativity window?
I just thought if there was a little boy, I’d like to know exactly what he (sic) say.”

Micah Clark, executive director of the Indiana AFA, launched an Internet protest once he heard about the allegations. “What surprised me here is that we’ve had a secular scrubbing of Christmas for so long and the school apparently didn’t see the problem with kids singing to Allah,” he told FOX News Radio. “You won’t even mention Jesus and you’re going to force my child to sing about Allah?”
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