Friday, December 4, 2009

BUTLER: The Latest Leftist Obama Judicial Nominee Pushed By Disrespectful Democratic Senators

Although I am relatively new to the 'activist' scene, current events was a big part of my life. Never before have I witnessed the rapid disintegration of our legislative process, and rapid disrespect for our democratic process. Consider the Democrat's backroom, locked door meetings [even changing the locks in the middle of the night], not to mention the interruptions and cutting short debates to their opposition.

This new wave threatens the very fiber of our democracy, and the use of a crisis to pass through drastic legislation and appoint radical leftist lifetime judicial positions will put our freedom in dire jeopardy.

RedState writes an alarming piece on this:

Butler - The Latest Leftist Obama Judicial Nominee Pushed By Disrespectful Democrat Senators
by hogan, December 3, 2009

The United States Senate Judiciary Committee just voted along party lines, 12-7, to send the nomination of liberal activist Judge Louis B. Butler Jr. to the floor of the Senate. The Democrats did so, according to friends inside the room, in a disrespectful manner… talking over Republicans who wished to voice their disapproval and tried to – heaven forbid in the U.S. Senate – actually debate the nominee. I am told Schumer and Whitehouse were on their cell phones, and a number of Democrat Senators were talking loudly during the limited debate they even allowed.


This is the latest of an increasingly distinguished line of completely-out-of-the-mainstream, leftists who have absolutely no respect for, much less use for, the Constitution. If it weren’t so damaging to our nation’s well being, it would almost be comical how uniquely unqualified and crazy these nominees are.

Following on the heels of the nomination of admitted leftist and activist Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, someone who was overturned repeatedly, who believes judges make law, who holds sexist views and who has decided cases based on race… and then, David Hamilton, who was nominated for the 7th Circuit – someone who raised money for ACORN, who worked for ACLU, who blocked parental consent laws and who was soft on the worst of our criminals… NOW comes Louis Butler, Jr. for a Federal District Court slot in the Western District of Wisconsin… a nominee with a long track record of liberalism and activism (see Ed Whelan’s piece over at NR here).

Judge Butler was rejected by voters not once, but TWICE, for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. WISCONSIN. Butler, like Sotomayor, believes judges should base their decisions not on the law, but on their personal beliefs and policy preferences, having said, “…the background, personal beliefs and policy decisions of the justices selected will influence how they vote on the difficult cases before them… And that is the main reason I support Senator Obama.”

In his brief tenure on the Supreme Court (he was appointed by a Democrat Governor given his inability to get elected… again, in WISCONSIN), Butler distinguished himself by overturning the will of the people when he voted to strike down medical liability limits – and he earned the nickname “Loophole Louis” for his noted soft-on-crime stances, as documented in this Wall Street Journal editorial.

It is indeed a new day in America, and “change” is in the air. That change will be most notable in an Obama-planted activist judiciary ripping away what little grip the American people still have on this little democratic experiment. Nice work.