Sunday, September 13, 2009

THE 9/12 TAXPAYER MARCH ON DC. One Patriot's Story

Millions and millions of American patriots have heart warming stories to tell from yesterday's overwhelming experience in our nation's capitol and across the nation. This patriot's story is worth sharing, and expresses the feelings and thoughts of so many.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine such a response, but with our freedom being so trampled and abused, the people have spoken. Now the question is, will they listen?

The Million Mob March
One Patriot's Story (Thank you, BC, and God bless)

September 13, 2009

Just wanted to share some thoughts about the 912 protest in DC yesterday:

I've lived just outside the DC metro-tristate area for the majority of my life. I've been to DC many times and have always used Metro to get around the city. Generally, my previous experiences on Metro have been uneventful. Folks that use Metro regularly, I think will agree, passengers don't really speak to one another or pay much attention to other passengers. People have the tendency to keep to themselves and rarely engage total strangers with random conversation. Yesterday was NOT the norm, by any sense!

I drove from my home to the nearest Metro and parked. Before I was able to take 10 steps from my car, found myself walking with total strangers, with whom I carried on deep conversations about their (and my) concerns for the direction of our country. Once aboard the crowded train, which is also unusual for 8am on a Saturday, I was surprised to see such a wide variety of folks. There were old people; some in wheelchairs, others with walkers, some with oxygen tanks, and others with canes. There were young folks and children and babies with their parents. There were black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, Russian, Jewish and more nationalities than I could count! An older woman boarded the rear of the car I was on and the folks on the train broke out in cheers. As she made it toward the empty seat across from me, I could see the why folks were cheering her. She was carrying a large post with a stuffed vulture on the top and a sign hanging from underneath that read: "Our government feeds on us." Thus, began the adventure!

The anticipation and electricity in the air on that train was incredible and unlike any other experience I've ever had. Every stop closer to DC, the train filled with more and more people, until there were folks holding each other tight inside, so the doors could close. By the time we reached the last stop, the people on our train were fully engaged with each other and sharing stories and concerns with one another, like we were all old friends. The courteous nature and respect for each, by the people in a mass crowd, was surreal.

Once we arrived in DC and made our way toward Penn Ave, the magnitude of people attending the rally, became quite evident. We thought we'd be lining up to march toward the Capitol, but there were so many people that had gathered, the crowd physically reached to the Capitol from where we got off the Metro, which was about a mile away. The sense of pride, joy and love of country was completely overwhelming! Folks were praying, crying, laughing, shouting, clapping, and chanting all the way to the Capitol. As we made our way past the CNN bus, the crowd broke out in chant, "Communist News Network - Go Home!" It was truly a heart warming experience.

I had the privilege of speaking to and witnessing so many patriotic Americans, whose love and concern for this country is deeply engrained in their everyday lives. I met a family from Pensacola who had traveled overnight on Amtrak to be there, and were leaving the same evening to return home. There were folks carrying signs that said, “I want my vote back!” and thousands of “Don’t Tread on Me” flags. A veteran, who was awarded the Purple Heart and given a Garrison flag as a gift after 9-11, brought it with him and dozens of fellow patriots helped him unfurl and carry this heavy, awkward 40 foot beauty. They held it on display for 4 hours struggling in the wind.

As we were leaving the festivities and making our way back up Penn Ave to Metro, we stopped at a crosswalk to wait for traffic. In the middle of the intersection, a green Ford Taurus stopped in front of the crowd waiting to cross. They rolled down their windows and stuck out their 4 Gadsden flags and began to wave them. Much to my surprise and delight, with the windows rolled down, we could all see that inside the car were 4 nuns. The crowd went wild, cheering and applauding.

I find myself reinvigorated and reassured today, that We The People are fully awake. We are united, we are many, we are informed and we are One Nation Under God. And this is just the beginning.

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