Monday, September 14, 2009


Anybody need more proof what a disgrace the media is? Last week had some pretty historic events revealed by good old fashioned investigative reporting -- Van Jones and ACORN's child prostitution scandal. They completely ignored the 9-12 March on DC, and to their peril. The American people are not stupid, and the press are treating them as so. It's the 'If we don't report it, then it didn't really happen or certainly wasn't worth reporting' mentality.

Remember the days of Woodward & Bernstein looking for the truth? Oh my, when the public loses confidence in the mainstream media reporting, the media will be overlooked for accurate informative reporting -- and there's lots of it.

Here's a brilliant piece by Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs (go girl!):

Obama's Bunker Mentality
by Pamela Geller, September 13, 2009

Into the bunker he went ......................

While the largest civilian march on Washington in the nation's history was taking place, dear leader was hiding in Minneapolis. Like a dog marking his territory, O took to the stage where the RNC held their convention last year. In yet another staged event, Obama was given his daily fix of faux cheering to feed his insatiable head.
The face of a divider. (photo hat tip Van)
This march on Washington was of enormous historic import, an American phenomenon, and the media (save FOX) would not cover it. They are washed up. This week alone they failed to report on Van Jones, the huge child prostitution scandal at ACORN, O's plummeting popularity...... When the news won't report the news and the folks find out they aren't reporting the news, the folks will do to the media what the media did to Terry Schiavo.

For every person who showed up in DC there were at least 100 who didn't but wanted to. The O-bots know this. The propagandists, disinformationalists and their corrupt media activist tools will minimize it, marginalize, ridicule it, but they will not stop us. This is the beginning of the end for them (if not them, us).

We now have a President who seeks to divide and destroy. Has the nation ever been so at odds? Not since the civil war. And in a stunning paradox, we now have a president seeking to enslave half the American people.