Friday, September 4, 2009


From Merriam-Webster
Town Hall: Live, interactive conversations and feedback with thousands of voters.

Here is a REAL townhall, as opposed to Anna Eshoo's:

As a California resident, I had the privilege of attending my first townhall meeting in Ben Lomond, a beautiful, rural, small community in the mountains of Santa Cruz county. It was a modest gathering which was attended by roughly 200 constituents.

Not wanting to be challenged with factual queries, our representative, Anna Eshoo(D), did ALL of the talking, intermingled with written questions, with scripted answers echoing Obama's 'disinformation'. After a plethora of lies, there were several constituents who finally spoke out. Each time, they were loudly shouted down by liberals, which made up the majority of the audience.

This is a sample of Ms. Eshoo's statements:

• She supports the public option, which she says is the core center of the bill, and will vote for it in a nanosecond.
• Everyone has choices, and you get to keep your current insurance. If you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance.
• The government option is strictly voluntary. No one is forced into anything.
• Illegals are banned from health care
• It’s private insurance companies who don’t want a public plan
• Reconciliation “is above my pay scale, but majority vote should rule. Consider the California case. Californians have not won because of the 2/3 vote.”
• Stimulus bill HAD NO EARMARKS. On my children’s head, there is not one earmark.
• There is no pulling the plug on Granny, no death panels, nothing that says government is going to pull the plug. Insurance companies are pushing this lie.
• No illegals will get benefits. It’s very clear in the bill.
• Does not take away choices.
• Will be the same plan as the Congress plan.

Of course, no challenges were allowed, no one was allowed to speak, and Eshoo did all the talking. So much for townhall meetings.