Friday, September 11, 2009

FL Senator LeMieux TO THE LEFT of Pelosi (Joe Wilson)

Florida Senator Mel Martinez resigned early, and George LeMieux was appointed by his former boss, Florida Govenor Crist to replace the senator. Keep in mind -- LeMieux is a Republican, and Crist is a Republican. These guys are perfect examples of RINOs, and what is drastically wrong with the Republican party. Keep these moderates out of the Republican party. Floridians must support Marco Rubio for senator, a true conservative

They have completely watered down the Republican party to the point where you wonder if it wasn't planned. Future candidates must be carefully vetted, not by their words, but by the history of their actions. Politicians have a history of deceit, but this is getting ridiculous.

RedState writes:

FL Senator George LeMieux TO THE LEFT of Pelosi
by Erick Erickson, September 11, 2009

This is just stunning.

The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), has shut down Democrat efforts to punish Joe Wilson (R-SC) for yelling at Barack Obama during Obama’s speech to Congress.

George LeMieux, Charlie Crist’s errand boy and the newest Republican Senator, is calling for Joe Wilson to be censured. That puts Charlie Crist’s errand boy to the left of Nancy Pelosi.

LeMieux remains undecided on government run health care, supports cap and trade, and supports the President’s big spending agenda.

George LeMieux says he is “a Charlie Crist Republican.” What we are learning about Charlie Crist Republicans is that they are not Republicans at all, just placeholders for a left wing agenda.

We must say no. We must support Marco Rubio.