Tuesday, October 13, 2009


A couple of items crossed my plate worth showcasing.  Since most of us know Obama doesn't have an original bone in his body, take a peek at this 1934 Chicago Tribune political cartoon:

(click to enlarge - hat tip Geoatbeck)

We are not only going down the same road as the road FDR chose, it goes even farther back -- The Roman Empire. Unlike the students of today, our Founding Fathers knew their history, and also unlike the spoiled youth of today, our Founding Fathers lived it.

This knowledge created one of the greatest works in history, and, like the Roman Empire, the power hungry politicians are chipping away at the edges. Unless America wakes up and gets engaged, we will lose our liberty, our republic, and our freedom, and thousands of people will have lost their lives in eventual defeat.

Once the Romans dropped their guard, power-seeking politicians began to exceed the powers granted to them, and eventually learned they could elect politicians to use government power to take property from some and gave it to others. They even set up housing and welfare programs.  All of this leading to an oligarchy -- a tyranny of the elite. Sound familiar?

No wonder they don't want to teach history in schools.

"The essence of freedom is the proper limitation of government." Here is a short video on Americanism and the American system -- The American form of government: (h/t Mom Dianne)