Friday, October 9, 2009

Common Decency Suggests We Should Not Have to Deal With This, But We Must Now Confront A White House Supportive of NAMBLA

With all the dangers out there, parents have become more and more protective of their children. Over the last several decades, we have seen an erosion of morals, rising child abduction, the banning of faith in schools, while the indoctrination of homosexuality is forced into the school system.

This administration has made several radical appointments, and an overabundance of questionable czars, but one is by far the most dangerous and undesirable.  Kevin Jennings has been, of all things, appointed as the White House Safe School Czar, which would be comical if it were not so egregious. Jennings is a monster, now in charge of 'Safe Schools'. What is happening to our country?

This shocking situation is best described in RedState:

Common Decency Suggests We Should Not Have to Deal With This, But We Must Now Confront A White House Supportive of NAMBLA
by Erick Erickson, October 8, 2009

When I was a teenager, my friends and I joked about NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association.

Until I was in my twenties, I thought my friends had just made it up. Surely there was no such organization that campaigned to allow open sexual relations between boys and men — a concept that did not just involve statutory rape, but offended the profound decency of a moral public.

Sadly, NAMBLA is very real and today steps right out of the darkest pits of immoral human behavior and straight into the White House. Sean Hannity has been all over this story and we are just now coming to terms with how sick and demented the thinkings and associations of White House Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings are.

To be sure, the left wing Media Matters, which is run by former conservative turned homosexual activist and left-wing icon David Brock, is screaming from the rooftops that Sean Hannity is lying.

Hannity is not lying. Kevin Jennings is a profoundly sick and immoral human being — a proponent of statutory rape, an opponent of the Boy Scouts of America, and a zealous advocate of NAMBLA.

He is Barack Obama’s Safe Schools Czar.

He is a supporter of men who openly and vocally support pedophilia.

Media Matters threw out a few talking points to defend Van Jones. But Media Matters is giving a full throated, aggressive defense of Kevin Jennings. Why? Well, to paraphrase Wonkette, gay is the new black.

Van Jones was just a black guy. With a black President, resources did not need to be brought to bear to defend him. Kevin Jennings, however, is not just a gay man, but a man who believes in the full gay rights agenda, where men and boys can have sexual relationships free of prudish moral people frowning.

Jennings has championed NAMBLA’s causes and lauded a pedophilia advocate.

He even wrote the forward to a book called “Queering Elementary Education.” That’s right, Jennings wrote the forward to a book that, in its own description advocates the aggressive homosexual agenda among elementary school students. From the book: “queering education happens when we look at schooling upside down and view childhood from the inside out.” No irony is intended apparently in that description.

Americans of moral decency should be stunned to know the President of the United States would put in charge of “safe schools,” a man who encourages predatory relationships between young boys and grown men.

Barack Obama has done exactly that. Has he no shame?