Saturday, October 17, 2009


It's your country, and they have long forgotten that they work for you. No ... they do not know better than you do, and it's not their decision in the first place. In the 2nd place, they must be reminded -- they can be replaced. We can only do this by keeping up our voices, loud and clear.

Sen. Chuck Grassley said to Judge Napolitano that the grassroots must keep the 'fire in the belly' going. He said, we made the difference throughout the summer break, and if this government healthcare is to be defeated, we must keep up the town halls, phone calls, faxes and emails until it is defeated. Grassley believes these calls will sink in.

We cannot give up, we cannot let up, we DO make a difference, so keep it up and keep it constant. has super fax templates you can copy, and phone/fax number lists.

I also have a list of all Senators and about 120 Representatives (including all Blue Dog Democrats - ^). Click to enlarge and print: