Thursday, October 29, 2009


For voicing her opinion and defending her country, a hard working Mother has been vilified by her co-workers and her employer. What kind of a country have we become when these kinds of attacks happen time after time?

This time it is not a powerful news station, it's an older woman who has paid her dues, raised a family with a son in our Military, and is fortunate in today's economy to have a job. It is an admirable job, too, helping and assisting society at the Red Cross, which has apparently forgotten why they were established in 1881 by Clara Barton, after her diligent aid to servicemen during the Civil War. How ironic!

This was supposed to be "the end of racism". This was the president who was going to heal racism, when, in fact, he has made it worse [as is usual with a liberal administration], but this is far and above anything we have ever seen in our history.

It cannot go unnoticed that this administration is benefiting from an adoring press [except ONE], that goes out of their way to protect and support everything coming out of the White House. It has received nothing close to what President George Bush received from the press and the left leaning American public.

But now the opposite is happening today. All of a sudden you cannot speak out against the president, you cannot oppose the president, and you can certainly not support the opposition. Is this our free America? What would Martin Luther King think of today's America?

Please feel free to leave your comments for Jason's Mother. One can feel awfully alone out there today.